Thursday, October 2, 2014

waiting on the world to change

I’ve had one song line on “replay” in my head: we are waiting, waiting on the world to change.

Nothing else from that John Mayer song fits, mind you. But that is one great line.

In many ways, our entire family is on standby—a sort of holding pattern as we wait for our fifth grandbaby to be born.  Since Michael and I will be taking care of the baby’s siblings when their Mama goes into labor, we’ve cleared our calendars, organized our house, and simplified our routines, as much as we can.

We want to do our best to be ready. And in the meantime, we are waiting.

There’s already been so much shifting in my heart this year. So many enormous, life-altering, birth-and-death changes. And it’s simply impossible not to think of my Dad as I prepare to welcome into my life this new baby boy.

my last picture of Papi, with baby Sofia
April 2014

“It has always been one of my unclerical sermons to myself, that that remark which Peter made on seeing the vision of a single hour, ought to be made by us all, in contemplating every panoramic change in the long Vision we call life... "It is good for us to be here - it is good for us to be here", repeating itself eternally.” 
~G. K. Chesterton              

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For those of you who are curious, here's a video of John Mayer 
singing the rest of the song... "Waiting on the World to Change"