Monday, January 6, 2014

the newest addition to our family: Sofia Maria... and happy feast of los Tres Santos Reyes!

 “Every child, begins the world again.”
  ~Henry David Thoreau                      

“God does not reveal himself in strength or power, 
but in the weakness and fragility of a newborn babe.”
~Pope Francis via Twitter [@Pontifex] 
on January 2, 2014

Sofia Maria, on her birth day
On the morning of Thursday, January 2, we welcomed to our family and to the world baby Sofia Maria! Sofia is the daughter of my oldest daughter Anamaria and her husband of almost two years, Travis.

Having a newborn baby breathing on my chest changes everything, including the depth of my own breaths!

I have so much that my heart wants to say, but not much time to sit down and put the words together. so until then… thank you for continuing to pray for Sofia and her sleep-deprived parents!

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Today the world celebrates the wonderful feast of los Tres Santos Reyes, a feast that is very dear to my heart--and that I hope to write more about, soon! 

I grew up in Puerto Rico, where everyone celebrates los tres Reyes--today's feast of the Epiphany.

On the eve of the día de los Reyesmy brother and I would fill a shoe box with grass and a container with water and set it under the Christmas tree for the camels that would bring the Magi to our home that night. In the morning, the grass and water were gone, and in their place we would have gifts, just as the Magi brought gifts to Jesus in Bethlehem.

In Hispanic countries throughout the world, in fact, January 6 is the day that children receive their Christmas gifts, in commemoration of the Magi's visit.

In our own blended family (Cuban and Texan!), Michael and I seriously considered making January 6 our family's sole day for receiving gifts. Ultimately we opted to join in the Santa tradition of December 25, and in addition, to pass on the Puerto Rican style Epiphany celebration--with shoe box and grass, gifts, a special Epiphany meal, and of course, the traditional song de los tres Santos Reyes [to read more, click here!]

the 3 kings (including the turtle added by my children)
finally made their way across our living room to our crèche today!