Thursday, March 20, 2014

Small Mercies! I'm grateful for "the end"

I know it's not Small Mercies Wednesday, but I hope you will go easy on me when I tell you why it's still time to thank God for small mercies.

On Tuesday I handed in to the Archbishop a completed first draft of the book that I've been working on for the past year and a half, the biography of Servant of God Father Stanley Rother!

The writing of this book was laced with so many unexpected graces and blessings, and I hope to write about that soon. It was also an unexpectedly difficult task for me to tackle, full of moments of doubt about myself and my writing vocation... deciphering through that will take me some good chunks of prayer time... we'll see when I'll be able to give words to that part of the experience.

But for now, please join me in prayers of thanksgiving for completing this BIG step on the writing journey, and add a small request that I may have clarity for finding the right publisher for it?  No doubt God has already picked one... I pray that I may listen and get out of the way.

Today I am grateful for completing a full draft of Father Stanley's biography, and for all of you wonderful friends who have prayed me through it!

Thank God for small mercies, and big ones, too.

here's what things looked like a week ago!