Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Small Mercies Miércoles... I'm grateful for Mami, on her 83rd bday!

I'm still plugging at my book, writing, re-thinking, re-organizing... please say a prayer that I may continue with zeal for this holy work?

But today is Wednesday, so it's time to take note and state what I'm grateful for... what Small Mercies God has blessed me with on this Miércoles.

It's an easy one today.

Today I'm grateful for... María de Jesús Paez Clausell, mi mamá, on her 83rd birthday.

I've gathered a few photos of this amazing woman... enjoy:

and then I came into picture... I'm #2 of 2, my brother Ignacio is 14 months older than I am:

our first picture outside Cuba:

this one is probably my favorite picture of mom and I:

with their first grandchild, Christopher:

I've always admired how in spite of having two children, they were always willing to take and go on adventures with my awesome foursome!

with my one and only brother Ignacio:

Christopher's graduation from law school:

at their 50th anniversary Mass:

and this Christmas, with grandchildren & great grandchildren (right before Sofia was born), at my house:

What Small Mercies are you grateful for today?