Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Small Mercies Miércoles: I'm grateful for... the work of my hands

I have been on hermit mode, trying to bring together the research, reading, interviews, of the past year and a half into a full, coherent draft of my book project. 

As you may recall, I’ve been working on the biography of Oklahoma martyr Father Stanley Rother who was murdered in Guatemala in 1981.  Here are some links with information--see here and here, including an article I wrote a few years ago, published in Our Sunday Visitor.

To some it may look like a tornado hit my office—but in spite of the piles, it’s organized chaos, at least for now. 

This is holy work.

It’s truly an honor to be in “conversation” with someone who was so clearly a lover of Jesus. Father Stan’s dedication and faithfulness to the people of Santiago Atitlán was a sacrifice of love, and to the people there, there is no need for an official process… Father Stanley Rother (Padre Apla's in their native Tzutujil language) is already their saint, interceding on their behalf!

So today, I am specifically grateful for  the work of my hands.

I am spoiled. I get to work at home, in my slippers, writing the story of someone who inspires, challenges and provokes me to live radically for Jesus. 

And I must add, I am deeply grateful to my husband, who has for years not only offered me “patronage” (akin to the Renaissance tradition) so that I can carry out this ministry -- but even more importantly… brings me flowers, cooks dinner and sweeps the floor… so that I can stay focused when I’m in hermit mode!

Please pray for me? And do join me in praying for the canonization process of Servant of God Stanley Francis Rother.

Heavenly Father,
source of all holiness,
in every generation you raise up
men and women heroic in love and service. 

You have blessed your Church
with the life of Stanley Rother,
priest, missionary, and martyr. 

Through his prayer, his preaching,
his presence, and his pastoral love,
you revealed Your love and Your presence
with us as Shepherd. 

If it be your will,
may he be proclaimed
by the universal church
as martyr and saint,
living now in your presence
and interceding for us all. 
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen