Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Small Mercies Miércoles: I'm grateful for... Our Lady of Confidence

French holy card of Notre Dame de la Confiance, Our Lady of Confidence

During the months that I've worked on my book project, the biography of Oklahoma martyr and Servant of God Father Stanley Rother, I've kept on my desk an image that has become very dear to me: Our Lady of Confidence.

Like "discovering" the hipped Mary during our pilgrimage of French cathedrals last May, the image of Our Lady of Confidence opened up for me a new understanding and perspective about a woman who is already a central part of my life.

It's not that the image is revolutionary, yet that's exactly the word that I would use to describe how her name (and the prayer attached to the image) affected me.

Today is Small Mercies Miércoles, and I am grateful for... Our Lady of Confidence, who reminds me to ask with expectant faith, knowing that He who is mighty has done great things... for me!

Dear Mother of Confidence,                                                                                                           
I come before you in my weakness and need trusting in your motherly care, and in the love of God “who has done great things” for you. I give you all my problems, my doubts, and even my sins. And I ask you to give me your own limitless confidence—in the tenderness of God, and in the power of Jesus your Son. Teach me the joy and freedom of abandoning all in His hands. Together with you may I behold God’s presence and His power at work in my life. 
I thank you for leading me to rise above my troubles and cares. Help me to accept all that befalls me with serenity, and to ask for all I need with expectant faith; that I too may be able to see and to say that “He who is mighty has done great things… for me.”                                       AMEN

 [This Image venerated in the chapel of the Missionaries of Charity Fathers—Tijuana, Mexico c/o Box 1959 Chula Vista, CA  91912, USA]

You cannot learn this from books, you must experience in your life, 
that whatever you ask Our Lady she will do…”

~Mother Teresa