Monday, March 24, 2014

#VivaLent: 2 great apps for the 2nd half of your Lent

I know it's hard to believe, but yesterday was the third Sunday of Lent. That means that three weeks from yesterday it'll be Palm Sunday.

If you've "lapsed" in your Lent resolve and are wondering if it's even worth it to "do" anything for Lent at this point-- the answer is, yes!

My suggestion a few weeks ago was to pick one thing, just one thing, to focus on this Lent. So go ahead and do that now, and put a special effort into thinking how and what will make your Holy Week different.

Today I have two practical suggestions, two apps that you can download and start using as prayer tools today! I've been reading from both of them and have really enjoyed their content.  

*  Magnificat Lenten Companion.  Before Lent even started, Magnificat sold out of their print version of this wonderful collection of reflections. But you can still download the Lenten Companion 2014 as an ebook! It's well worth the 99 cent investment.  
Unlike the Lenten Companion print version, the app or ebook also includes some of the things I love about the "regular" Magnificat: the morning and evening prayers, and the daily readings--along with a special collection of Lenten reflections (different from the ones you'll find in your monthly Magnificat magazine). 

*   CRS Rice Bowl app -- it's the virtual version of an old familiar, the Catholic Relief Services Lenten bowl. 
The free app, available for iPhone and android phones, has daily prayer reflections, simple meatless meal recipes, and under the “learn” button you can read and/or watch beautiful videos called “Stories of Hope,” highlighting examples of people that CRS works with in various countries, including a “local” one from New Mexico.  
Click here for a full review of the Rice Bowl app that I wrote for