Friday, September 20, 2013

as the weather turns

The first cold front of the season came through last night, and in one fell swoop, it now feels and looks like Fall in central Oklahoma.

I am not a winter person. and I admit that I’ve already begun a subconscious count down somewhere in the back of my Caribbean brain to that ominous first frost. It’s a clear understatement to say that I am not looking forward to the engulfing darkness of winter—or its severe frigid temperatures.

However, if I allow myself to remain in this moment, I have to admit that I even love the phrase in English that describes this event, this moment, when we say that the weather is turning.

As much as many of us dread it, and even more of us run from it, there’s something inherent in our beings that needs and feeds on change. It’s intrinsically connected to hope, and to rhythms. After all, our body itself creates a rhythmical pulse and drumming heart beat that defines what it means to be alive.

Perhaps change simply reminds us that life is full of possibility. Because instantaneously, and without much fanfare, everything can and does change with one cold front—breathing life, coolness, and enthusiasm into our lives, and even our spirit.

And besides, the monarch butterflies are heading our way!

Turn, turn, turn by The Byrds