Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the only constant is change

August 13, 1960

On a walk the other day, I told Michael that I am still feeling quite discombobulated from the emotional events of this summer. But in reality, it’s been a yearlong discombobulation (what an ideal word!) that began with two daughters getting married last summer.

Today is my birthday.

As I contemplate the scores of events that have taken place since my last birthday, it’s clear that the constant in my life has been change. 

New jobs and new beginnings brought the remaining three of my four children to live near us in central Oklahoma.  And new life overflowed nine months ago when Elena became big sister to not one but TWO babies! Our expanding family continues to grow even now—with another grandbaby on the way, this one from my oldest daughter, Anamaría, and her Oklahoman Travis. 

Just as the joy of grandchildren expand my heart to unimaginable new levels, in the span of two months I had to say goodbye to two beloved women who died from cancer, leaving holes in my life and heart the size of craters. 

I have so much that I’m grateful for:
Ignacio & Cecilia, 9 months old
our family (january) at twins' baptism, Milwaukee
Anamaría, Travis & baby, with Papi & Mami
Pat Stankus and I, 2011
Carrie Swearingen and I, 2012

security area, Milwaukee airport, Southwest terminal
Recombobulate me, Lord—but let it be in your own time, and not mine.
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“[o]nly in daily, confidential relationships with the Lord in the tabernacle can one forget self, become free of all one’s own wished and pretensions, and have a heart open to all the needs and wants of others.”

 +   +   +   +   +
“But in process of time and growth of faith, when the heart has once been enlarged, the way of God’s commandments is run with unspeakable sweetness of love.”
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