Saturday, January 5, 2013

the new Normal

I feel like I've entered Ordinary Time early this year. 

In our liturgical tradition, the first period of Ordinary Time won't begin until after the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which is the Sunday after Epiphany--or January 13 this year. 

Because our family, like our Church, celebrates Christmas all the way through Epiphany, I still have all our Christmas decorations up. The lights still shine. The nativities are featured in every room of our home. And this Sunday, as they have every year on their feast, los Tres Reyes will leave gifts at our house for the family.

But in spite of all this, I feel a change, a shift, that has already taken place within me and around me. I'm not feeling worried, or depressed. I've thought about it, and it's not post holiday blues.  

My "normal" life and schedule is characteristically unpredictable, so it's not that I need to go back to a regular routine to get back to normal. It's more an awareness that what is normal in my life has changed.

In the past seven months, our family has celebrated two weddings and one Masters' graduation. We have welcomed and, as of last week, baptized twin grand-babies. And two of our daughters have unexpectedly moved back to Norman, Oklahoma, because of work. Clearly, all of these changes are wonderful and exciting, and my heart is overwhelmed with thanksgiving! 

Maybe that's exactly why I feel a need for Ordinary Time, my heart is, indeed, overwhelmed--and it needs time and space to breathe deep again.
__ __ __ __ __ 

"Don't overlook the wonder of the ordinary" ~Anonymous