Wednesday, September 18, 2013

be my rock

I hope to share here some of the writing that poured out of the participants at the "Writing as Prayer" retreat this past weekend.  It was humbling to see God's hand at work!

One of the writing exercises that I proposed--and did myself!--early on over the weekend was to write your own psalm, a sort of personal testimony of your relationship with God. I provided some guidance and suggestions on how to do it, but the real work became very personal, and the results were truly beautiful.

Here's the psalm that I wrote Saturday morning:

I hear you. I see you.
But I can't feel you, Lord.

I am like a dish that is broken,
a personal good friday,
confident--and not.

I don't need to know why--
only how, will I go on?
how will I go on?

must I go at it alone?
my heart aches for you.
my heart aches.

Be my rock, my refuge,
my strength

~©María Ruiz Scaperlanda, 2013