Thursday, August 28, 2014

nada te turbe...solo Dios basta

Teresa, la peregrina, Ávila

A follow up to yesterday's Ávila story...

This year marks the 500th birthday of Santa Teresa de Jesús, Teresa of Ávila, whose feast day is October 15.

Not only has Teresa always been close to my heart, this October 15 of 2014, will be my son's 32nd birthday--and it is also the due date for his fourth child (our 5th grandbaby)!

This week I came across this beautiful video in honor of this year's feast, and its beauty brought tears to my eyes.

It is one of two virtual choirs produced for the celebration of Santa Teresa's 500th birthday, and it features Carmelite nuns virtually singing "together" from around the world, accompanied by the Teresian Orchestra of St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington.

Sister Claire Sokol composed this beautiful rendition of Teresa's famous prayer, "Nada te turbe."  I know you will enjoy it.

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