Wednesday, August 7, 2013

download Jesus

This is pretty fabulous.

How would you like to listen to a dramatization of the entire New Testament, read by a cast of international actors? Well, you guessed it, there’s an app for that.

Just go to Truth & Life: dramatized audio Bible, choose your format or platform (Apple, google play, PC, nook, Kindle Fire)—and download

The free app, endorsed by the Vatican, includes a foreword by Pope Benedict XVI as well as an official Church imprimatur. At some point you may even recognize the voice that was once Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings. Yes, Sean Astin

Enhanced by sound effects and original music, the app allows you to follow the text as it is being read, to take notes, and search for words.

As the promo describes: 
“over 70 actors, 20 audio engineers in10 studios over 3 continents contributed to the creation of this unique audioNew Testament. More than 100 media development experts and 10,000production hours were needed to complete this ambitious project.” 
The free app provides the entire New Testament text and the audio of the Gospel of St. Mark. The remaining audio books can be purchased and downloaded through the app, or are available for purchase in a CD format.

I credit my friend Judy’s passion for Scripture with inspiring me to experience the Word in a very personal way. I am specially connected to the Psalms, for example, where I often go looking for--and find--a voice who conveys my barrage of conflicted feelings.

I love when technology seeks to enhance our ability to hear and experience the Word in a new way. 

Here's how the Catholic News Service Blog introduced this new project, 
Embracing Blessed John Paul II’s call to “employ the communications media (to achieve) the full impact of the Gospel message,” executive producer Mike Stark and his partner, producer Carl Amari, set out to produce a quality audio recording of the Bible… “We’ve got great support from all the people in the Catholic Church,” said Stark, “people are on fire about it.”  
Click here to read their full story.