Sunday, February 24, 2013

a fasting prayer

I have been thinking about the form of fasting that the Lord desires. 

Scripture is very clear in reminding me that sackcloth and ashes are worthless if the penance does not provoke a conversion of heart, opening my sensitivity to others and expanding my heart to see God around me.

So instead of merely focusing on the rules on fasting and abstinence this Lent, I choose:
to fast from gossip and malicious speech;
to fast from worry and complaining;
to fast from judging others;
to fast from wasting food, paper and water;
to fast from anger and pessimism;
to fast from hostility and bitterness in my words and in my thoughts;
to fast from lethargy and facts or thoughts that depress;
to fast from self-concern
so that my prayer and penance may lead me to deeper compassion for others.