Thursday, March 21, 2013

As the good book says...

When I envision a visual representation of prayer, it's easy for me to picture Tevye in the 1971 movie version of Fiddler on the Roof, one of my favorite musicals. Tevye obviously understands prayer to be about relationship, not about communication. Sometimes he joked with God, sometimes he shook his hand at heaven, begging to understand. But always, he turned to God.

For me, no matter what form daily prayer takes, it is important that it also include a time for silence—a time to listen and to simply be with God.

By the mere act of sitting and saying ‘yes’ to God in that moment, I proclaim with my body and my will what my heart has always known––God is here. God is Love. And God wants me to grow in the knowledge of that Love.

It is in that quiet that I begin to see that there exists a space deep in our center where God already dwells. And it is in that holy, precious space in my heart that I am made whole and holy, where I am being recreated in the image of my loving Creator.

my prayer table

Whatever it takes, Lord, here I am.

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Note: I will be fasting from blogging during Holy Week. I will remind you again, but please know that you can count on my daily prayers for each of you on this holiest of weeks!
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