Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Acknowledging the architect

Dominican priest Bede Jarrett (1881-1934) once likened the commission to do a certain work for God to that of an architect and his design. 
God is the architect. He has made our souls a certain size and shape, to fit certain holes, so to speak. It is not for us to say that we are incapable, or unfitted for the work given to us. That is not only to criticize ourselves, which wouldn’t matter at all, but it is to criticize God… He has placed us in a certain position, and if he wants us to do a certain work, we shall do it. If he doesn’t, we shan’t… The will of God is made known to us through the interplay of our own interior impulses and desires, and our exterior circumstances.”

Nothing is ever quite what we anticipated in this call to be a disciple of Jesus, to follow Him as we are.  Perhaps the circumstances in my life are simply not “the work” that I would like to be doing!

But just for today, I can focus on one area, one situation in my life—and pray for the willingness to accept my exterior circumstances within the new “me” being created by God, the ever loving architect of my life.

What one thing do you want to surrender to God the architect today?