Wednesday, February 20, 2013

speaking of FUNK

Since my post yesterday, I've been doing a little research into the word "Funk" -- and have come up with some pretty fun results that I'd like to share:

Funk #1
Allison Funk, poet

Virgin and Child with a Dragonfly

After an engraving by Albrecht Dürer (about 1495)

She doesn’t notice it
And neither do I
Until something starts up in us—
Then suddenly: bronze
Between see-through wings,
The dragonfly flashes its wand.
However, she wonders,
Could she have missed
Its look-at-me look next to her hem?
So much else to attend to, of course.
Joseph, what does he want,
Arm slung over the back of her bench?
And the dear child himself
With his little hand at her neck.
[go here to read the rest of the poem]

Funk #2
the one and only James Brown, 
for six decades, the godfather of FUNK music!

"Soul power" live in Kinshasa Zaire, 1974

"I only got seventh-grade education, but I have a doctorate in funk, and I like to put that to good use
~James Brown

Funk #3, 
Eco-natural, sustainable, green clothing: skunkFUNK
From their website: 
Skunkfunk strongly believes fashion, environmental and social concerns can and should go hand-in-hand. Our stylish eco-friendly clothing overflows with bold versatile threads, made mostly from sustainable textiles and shipped in recycled and biodegradable packaging. Based in the Basque Country, north of Spain, Skunkfunk collaborates closely on its urban European Chic garb with a menagerie of diverse and talented artists, musicians, and illustrators. Skunkfunk continues to reinvent itself through its design and personality, with an eclectic and vigorous style that is full of color and multi-concept designs. We take pride in creating sustainable fashion and fair trade clothing.
Who knew there was such a thing? 
I would have never known if I had not EMBRACED MY FUNK!