Wednesday, January 24, 2018

a message for you... yes, YOU!

dear friend,
[W]e must believe, and believe with all our hearts (this is a most sacred truth!), that God keeps a loving eye on us as we walk toward Him, and never lets anything happen to us that is not for our greater good. 
Be careful and attentive to all the matters God has committed to your care, but if possible do not be solicitous or worried; that is, do not burden yourself over them with uneasiness or anxiety. This worry only disturbs reason and good judgment and prevents you from doing well the very things you are worried about...A job done anxiously and hurriedly is never done well; we must do things with coolness and calm.  
With gentleness and peace, make your small efforts to better serve the Divine Goodness, but do not be frightened by the difficulties that crop up. What good, what precious thing has ever been obtained without effort and hard work? On our part, it is only necessary to remain faithful to our resolution to reach the perfection of holy love by doing all we can to make it perfect. If we do not do that we are not aiming very high. 
your brother in Christ,   
Francis de Sales
[Source: Oblates of St. Francis de Sales,
Daily with de Salesfrom various entries in July]

my office at home, normally... and Francis de Sales (below),
hanging on my home office wall 

Happy feast of Saint Francis de Sales,
patron of writers

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