Wednesday, May 20, 2015

why I watch #DWTS

I like to watch Dancing with the Stars

There, I said it.

Unlike the minions who follow every aspect of the show and its cast of dancing professionals, I cannot claim to be a fan since the show began 10 years ago.

In fact, I credit (blame) my dear Pat Stankus with getting me started. I first watched the show at her home, then came back and kept up with the rest of the show that season!

I can take or leave the often overly dramatic backstory on the stars, what they call “the package” on the show, where they not only video each couple’s week of rehearsals, but often include personal history and background on each “star.”   These videos end up transforming it from competitive “game show” to “reality TV.”

Whattruly cherish about DWTS is watching those exceptional moments when two talented dancers truly come together, becoming "a couple" on the dance floor

It’s not about how well they execute the steps, although that can be truly impressive.

For me, it’s about the wonder of two people so perfectly in tune and attentive to one another that only a light touch is needed to move in sync. It’s about taking a leap and trusting that your partner will be there when you land. It’s about reaching out, sometimes together, other times towards one another.

The beauty of it takes my breath away.

A good relationship has a pattern like a dance and is built on some of the same rules. The partners do not need to hold on tightly, because they move confidently in the same pattern, intricate but gay and swift and free, like a country dance of Mozart’s. To touch heavily would be to arrest the pattern and freeze the movement, to check the endlessly changing beauty of its unfolding. There is no place here for the possessive clutch, the clinging arm, the heavy hand, only the barest touch in passing. Now arm in arm, now face to face, now back to back—it does not matter which. Because they know they are partners moving to the same rhythm, creating a pattern together, and being invisibly nourished by it. The joy of such a pattern is not only the joy of creation or the joy of participation, it is also the joy of living in the moment.”

“Gift from the Sea”

This season's champions: Rumer Willis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy dance the Foxtrot