Monday, October 13, 2014

wisdom from Gregory the Great

self portrait in Autumn shadows
“And what else are we doing when we leave behind the language of the world for the words of the sacred mysteries, when we express as best we can the praise and power of our Creator, if not speaking in new tongues? When we remove malice from another’s heart by our good word are we not, so to speak, picking up serpents? And when we hear the wisdom of the world, but choose not to act on it, surely we have drunk poison and survived.  As often as we catch sight of our sister or brother stumbling on life’s path, and we gather round them with all our strength, and support them by our presence, what are we doing but laying our hands upon the sick to heal them?  Surely these miracles are all the greater because they are spiritual; they are all the more significant since it is the hart and not the body which is being restored. 

I’m thinking of my daughter and daughter in law wiping toddler noses, helping each other, and making meals for a new mother… they are, daily, laying hands upon the sick and needy and healing them with their loving touch. 

I’m thinking of a sister in law who with generous love and reflective action continues to support her ex-husband and father of her son in his struggle and fight with addiction… she is picking up serpents!

I’m thinking of my doctor friend who is fighting in word and action for her 12-year-old patient in the face of disputing parents who use the child as a pawn against each other… she is speaking in new tongues.

I’m thinking of my mother-in-law and friend, who not only refuses to give into bitterness in spite of the injustices and unfairness she’s faced in her academic profession, but instead chooses to “pay it forward” by establishing a scholarship… she has drunk the poison and survived!

Saint Gregory the great, pray for us!

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Still expecting our new grandbaby--and waiting for our world to change
Please pray for his parents and siblings?