Friday, May 23, 2014

one man's goodness

When Through One Man

A Little More Love
And Goodness,
A Little More Light And
Truth Comes Into
The World,
Then That Man’s Life
Has Had Meaning
~Fr. Alfred Delp, SJ
Easter vigil 2014, my parents with our daughter Michelle and her husband Conor
St Mark the Evangelist Church
So much has been "happening," and yet nothing is moving at all. Tomorrow it'll be two weeks since my Papi's death, and I'm just beginning the process of coming out of what I can only call the "funeral fog."
Thanks to all of you who have contacted me with your kind words and thoughts via email, twitter, Facebook, and above all, thank you for your continued prayers. Please continue to offer special prayers and petitions for my mom
Let's not forget, it's still Easter... may the joy of the Resurrected Jesus overwhelm and surround you!

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