Tuesday, January 28, 2014

reason #2 why I love Catholic schools: it's the teachers, Baby!

“Hence we must say that for the knowledge of any truth whatsoever man needs divine help, that the intellect may be moved by God to its act. But he does not need a new light added to his natural light, in order to know the truth in all things, but only in some that surpasses his natural knowledge” 

[Summa Theologiae, I-II, 109, 1]

"Love takes up where knowledge leaves off."
~Thomas Aquinas, 
patron saint of Catholic Schools,
whose Memorial is today!

Middle school teachers at St. Charles Borromeo School, Oklahoma City
 dress up for "Book Character Day"
they also  host DEAR (drop everything and read) and cook pancakes for the students!
Catholic Schools Week, 2014
I'm proud to say that two of our daughters have served as Catholic School teachers.

And after two wonderful years teaching middle school and high school at Lourdes Central Catholic in Nebraska City, daughter Michelle is currently serving her second year of teaching at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School in Oklahoma City.

In addition to my own mom, who taught in Catholic schools until we moved to the United States when I was a teenager, I have always been surrounded by teachers-all levels, all types of schools -- father, brother, husband, father and mother in-law, and now, daughters and daughter in law! 

Seeing first hand the hard work, energy, time-commitment and faithfulness of these family members who are teachers, I've always had a special place in my prayers for all teachers

Super Hero day, Catholic Schools Week 2013,
St. Charles Borromeo School
coach Michelle, praying with her volleyball team,
Lourdes Central Catholic
cheering football team at away game, Michelle with her friend Sally,
Lourdes Central Catholic 
Always underpaid, those who have made teaching their vocation do so because they're answering a special call to serve, and to spread the Gospel through their lives. 

This goes doubly so for Catholic school teachers, who work extremely hard, often get paid even less, and are still willing to go many extra miles for their students.

I love Catholic schools because of the dedication of their teachers! 

future vocation/role model day at
St. Charles Borromeo School
Catholic Schools Week, 2014

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