Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas: it's not over 'till I say it's over

I’m not ready for Christmas to be over. 

No, with this statement I’m not trying to teach you something about the true meaning of Christmas. And I’m not making some kind of theological testimony about today being the final day of the Christmas season, liturgically speaking.

But I am aware that my hesitation in taking down Christmas lights and decorations is coming from somewhere deep within me. I’m not procrastinating or postponing the inevitable work that comes with packing up Christmas. Not this year.

Perhaps it’s related to having a beautiful new baby in our family, our granddaughter Sofia Maria. Perhaps it all went too quickly and I’m still digesting.  All I know is that I’m truly not ready to pack up the crèche and put away the Christ child, this God-baby born of a woman… I’m still pondering what this means in my own life, right now.

So, I’ve made a radical and significant compromise with myself. 

I will take down the Christmas tree—and most of the random Christmas decorations (towels, coffee mugs, etc) around the house.

But I won’t pack up my collection of Nativities throughout the house.

Ps.  I’m keeping the twinkling white lights up, too.