Monday, November 11, 2013

the big red sky

“There is a lot of science one can read up on about what makes a vivid, colorful sunset. In a simplistic nutshell, sunlight is “bent” as it passes through our atmosphere. Blue light is affected the most (shorter wave length), while red (longer wave length) is affected the least. The Rocky Mountains also absorb a lot of blue light, leaving us with the brilliant reds and yellows we see here in Oklahoma.”

“The simple soul who each day makes a morning offering of ‘all the prayers, works, joys, and sufferings of this day’ – and who then acts upon it by accepting unquestioningly and responding lovingly to all the situations of the day as truly sent by God-has perceived with an almost childlike faith the profound truth about the will of God.”

~Walter J. Ciszek, SJ, He Leadeth Me

Thanks to our long, low horizons (as well as other scientific reasons beyond my pay grade), we are blessed with truly stunning sunsets in central Oklahoma.

I am often overwhelmed by the big sky’s brilliant colors at that magic hour, and have to stop whatever I’m doing, or even pull over if I’m driving, to simply watch the day’s final moments of light converting our flat horizon into a Monnet-like canvas of bright color.

If I don’t pay attention, however, the big bright sun makes it easy to focus merely on the western horizon—and miss the impressive color displays taking place as the light reflects on the opposite side of the sky!

The biggest, brightest colors are often hiding, like a surprise gift, on the other side of the celestial canvas.

It made me ponder about how much this reflects the reality of God’s hand in the details of my life. I get so focused on a particular moment or event, that I forget that God’s reality, attention, and mercy is much bigger, generous, brighter, and loving that anything I can conceive or imagine.

God paints the full horizon, not merely where my eyes seem to focus.

Wherever you are when you read this, may you enjoy sunshine and beauty this autumn day! Here in central Oklahoma, we are preparing for a massive weather system heading our way that will drop our temperature by 50 degrees!