Saturday, December 15, 2012

Messy miracles: my holy trinity of grandchildren

Ignacio & Cecilia

The past two weeks have been an oxymoron of reality. On the one hand, it’s been a blur of traveling activity between four cities, some work-related, most for family visits. But on the other hand, the two weeks have offered me a peaceful stillness at every stop, and a complete change of pace from my normal routine.  They have been full of grace, a great beginning for my Advent.

The downside has been, however, that living a completely different routine and schedule from my normal reality has made my blog writing time almost non-existent! I will try to do better, but this is all still quite new to me.

My longest stop was in Milwaukee. Where the last time I was there in October there were three, this time there were FIVE family members at my son and daughter-in-law’s home!

The twins, Cecilia Teresa and Ignacio Christopher, are still very tiny by comparison to most all newborn babies. But they are doing very well, eating, gaining weight, growing, as well as maturing in their looks.  They are now six weeks old.

Elena kisses on one of her babies

During my time with my holy trinity of grandchildren I was struck by the reality that taking care of three children—a two-year-old and twin babies—is not very romantic. It’s difficult to get too sentimental about newborns when your day is full of poopy diapers, burp rags, dirty clothes, spills, messes, and lots and lots of calming crying babies.

But in the midst of the chaos and the mess, taking care of three children—a two-year-old and twin babies—is truly full of magical, miracle moments. Like the instant I was struck by the wonder of hearing TWO small humans sleeping on my shoulders. Or the flash of beauty created every time two-year-old Elena stopped playing to run and kiss her baby “Celia” or “Nacio.” Or the moment when the babies, laying on their backs side by side, suddenly held hands!

Taking care of three children under two is ultimately an excellent metaphor for life. Reality is messy, dirty, complicated—but in the midst of the messy ordinary, miracles are waiting to be discovered.