Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Southwest Airlines security area at Milwaukee's Mitchell Airport

It's late, and I'm feeling rather discombobulated from being away this past week, so I will keep this one short. My dear friend and fabulous author Colleen Smith recently shared this image of Mother Mary with me, from the San Fernando Mission in California. By the way, you can check out Colleen's artisan press and her books at Friday Jones Publishing

The image is so unusual--and just beautiful, isn't she?

It reminds me of this section from one my favorite poems by St. John of the Cross called "The Incarnation"

Then he called
the archangel Gabriel
and sent him to
the virgin Mary,
at whose consent
the mystery was wrought, 
in whom the Trinity 
clothed the Word with flesh,
and though Three work this,
it is wrought in the One;
and the Word lived incarnate
in the womb of Mary.
And he who had only a Father
now had a Mother too,
but she was not like others
who conceive by man.
From her own flesh
he received his flesh,
so he is called 
Son of God and of man.

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