Thursday, February 2, 2017

because God will always find a way to reach me

"What she taught me is… 
You don't put yourself into what you write... 
you find yourself there."
~ the character of Alan Bennett, 
speaking about the lady of many names, 
in the movie, The Lady in the Van 

+     +     +

It seems crazy to me that it’s been such a long time since I’ve written a blog post.

It’s an odd little circle. The more things pop up in my life, the more I want – and need – to write. But the hardest it also becomes to make it happen.

Writing helps me discover what I think and assists me as I sort through what I’m feeling, as I did a few weeks ago on the day that Fidel Castro died.

But when even been able to write a blog post seems too much, when I am struggling to simply be faithful to my daily prayer, then I have to rely on other avenues to connect the dots within my spirit.  Things like music and deliberately walking slowly and watching the stars at night.

And above all, I put my trust in God to show me His presence in my life as is. He always does, generously, faithfully, often with great humor

Sometimes He’ll speak to me in a movie, as He did with “the Lady in the Van.” Or it could be through the lyrics to a song that I’ve heard but never paid attention to before.

Oftentimes it means that I start having very vivid dreams. And often, they are dreams with recurring themes, such as houses—something I’ve written about before.

As I think about the houses in my dreams it is clear to me that this “sign” or image often surfaces when I’m in some sort of transitional phase, journeying into something new, or perhaps simply facing something unknown.

Don’t know what this means other than it is, still, a new year, offering both anticipation and hope, as well as an invitation to newness. New beginnings. New perspectives. New ideas. New “something-to-be-named.”

Thanks for walking with me… still!

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