Tuesday, August 16, 2016

we must be doing something right

I don’t want to give any extra publicity to a local satanic cult that has taken aim at the Church of Oklahoma.  I will simply say that evil is real—and that it seems self-evident that Satan is busy causing havoc and despair, not only in our city, but throughout the world.

That’s why yesterday, for the feast of the Assumption of Mary, Michael and I joined a crowd of over 1,000 Christian believers for a Unity Walk and Prayer Service in downtown Oklahoma City.

The ecumenical Christian event began at the statue named, “And Jesus Wept,” well known as a sign of hope and healing in this Midwest capital city.

The statue is not only on the grounds of St. Joseph Old Cathedral—it is also directly across the street from the Oklahoma City National Memorial, site of the 1995 Murrah Building bombing.

“As we stand here in this particular place we are reminded of what evil has done to our city and the lives that it has destroyed. But we are also aware of the good that rests in every human heart, good that overcomes evil, that seeks healing and community and peace…

And it is why we are gathered here today. To stand together against evil and rely upon the goodness of God in whose image we were created.  He is the source of all that is good and holy. We ask Him to dispel all darkness and evil of every kind in our city, our nation, and the world.”

~ Father William Novak, pastor,
St. Francis Catholic Church, OkC

At the standing-room-only ecumenical Prayer Service that followed the walk, pastors and religious leaders from several different denominations took turns leading the crowd in specific prayer petitions… for the family; for the state of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City; for the government; for education; as well as for racial reconciliation. 

From Father Novak’s prayer for the family:

By your plan you created the family and you desired that it be a place where one finds nourishment, protection, support, and love throughout our lives.  We ask your continued blessing upon all families, that the love of husband and wife may bring forth the gift of new life – that the comfort of mothers and the protection of fathers may be generously given to their children—and that children may honor their parents.  We ask you to watch over families who are separated and experience difficulties and hardships; families that remain divided by hatred, resentments and outside evils. Give to those families, Lord, the help they need to reunite, forgive, and be patient and compassionate with one another.

We ask you to protect families who suffer under poverty, abuse, addictions, neglect, and violence. Give to these families the desire to seek help, the help they require, and ongoing support so that they may flourish and prosper

We ask you to give our city, our nation and the world a deeper respect for the holiness of the family by extending and enacting laws that protect the dignity and the sanctity of all human life, from conception to natural death, the sacred institution of marriage, and the unity of the family that is often under attack from our overly individualistic and materialistic culture. Help us to always rely on you o Father of Mercy, for the grace we need in our own families and with one another, as we work together to build up the family until we are all united, as one family, in your heavenly kingdom, forever and ever, amen.

Two more things to note

first of all, I believe that the Church of Oklahoma must be doing something right if the forces of evil and darkness repeatedly take aim at Oklahoma City!

and finally, here’s a short video of the enthusiastic crowd singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” during the Unity Prayer Service:

 and a video of Father Novak's prayer... so that you can hear the crowd's reaction:

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