Tuesday, February 17, 2015

happy Fat Tuesday!

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My good friend Susan Stabile put together an impressive list of resources for Lent. With her permission, I'm reposting here some of this invaluable collection:
Amy Welborn has made available for free the out of print Power of the Cross: Applying the Passion of Christ in Your Life, written by her late husband, Michael Dubruiel, which you can find here. 
Creighton University Online Ministries has a host of Lenten prayer material here. 
The American Catholic website also has a variety of material for Lenten prayer, as well as general information about Lent here. 
The Sacred Space website has has an online Lent Retreat this year on the theme Women of the Passion, which you can find here. 
The Ignatian Spirituality site has Lenten resources here.  More here. 
Loyola Press has daily prayers, thoughts and other inspirations for Lent here.

To read the rest of Susan's list, go to her CREO EN DIOS blog -- or just click here.

Susan's list got me thinking about other sources that I like to tap into during Lent, so I've put together for you a list of Catholic apps that you may find helpful as we begin our Lenten journey.

1.  Confession. A practical app with an examination of conscience based on age, sex and vocation. (iOS, Android)

2.   Mass Explained ($0.99). From the daughters of St. Paul, an app that helps us gain a deeper understanding of what we experience in the Mass.  Lent is a great time to learn more, and to fall deeper in love with the Eucharist. (iPhone, iPad)

3.   The Pope App. Your gateway to the latest news and information on Pope Francis, courtesy of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.  This app may fall under the “news” category—but it also includes Pope Francis’ homilies, speeches, and even @Pontifex tweets!  (iOSAndroid)

4.   CRS Rice Bowl. This app from Catholic Relief Services is a great way to tap into almsgiving during Lent. You can set specific goals and track your progress. It even offers meatless recipes, connected to personal stories of Christians throughout the world.

5.   Laudate. Known as the most popular and most comfrehensivse free Catholic app, it offers a plethora of resources: daily readings, saint of the day, liturgy of the hous, interatrctive Rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy… Lent is a perfect time to explore this one! (iOS, Android)

6.   Fighter Verse app ($2.99) – Great app for learning Scripture! It even has a Kids section for “Foundation Verses” that include visual flash cards.

and last but not least,

7.   Magnificat Lenten companion ($1.99) – You know what a fan of Magnificat Magazine I am. The print version of this special Lenten companion is sold out, but the app is not! 
By the way, drop me a message on the blog,
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of Magnificat's digital Lenten companion! 

I'll say more on getting started with Lent, hopefully by the end of the week? 

But if you're like me, scrambling to figure out what I'm "doing for Lent," I hope you will find something on these lists helpful!

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Note: Two other online sources that you may like:
+  Have you heard of Catholicapps.com? If not, drop on by . As its name implies, it is full of practical and helpful resources, reviews, and even YouTube videos!
+  Pauline Media – I’ve been a huge fan for years of Pauline Media and the Daughters of St. Paul, the community of sisters who dedicate their lives to be missionaries of the Gospel using every form of communication. This quote says it best:
“The Daughters of St. Paul are not Catholic publishers whose main concern is to produce religious products; instead, we are witnesses to a certain way of living the Faith and proposing it in the world of communication” (Don Sassi, Superior General of the Society of St. Paul, 2007).

Check out their line of beautiful apps – and the rest of their products, while you’re there! For iPhone and iPad apps go here. For Android apps, go here.