Monday, July 21, 2014

meet the Patroness of Sarcasm...

My husband and I are blessed to be godparents together to nine amazing "kids."  

Jordan Stavinoha is one of ours, a remarkable young woman and Texas A&M Aggie (although her Longhorn Madrina does not hold that against her), who is serving as a volunteer at a children's home in Honduras for a year.

Jordan's blog "rice+beans+rosaries" about this challenging adventure should be on everyone's radar. Her wisdom, insight, and spiritual understanding are rich beyond her years. And by the way, she is hilarious!

Here's a taste of her latest post:
            I had no idea how poorly I understood God’s love until He put me in His shoes. The funny thing is that my revelation did not come through an eye-opening interaction with a precious Honduran child. On Saturday I needed to find a plunger. No, not for the reason you think, my system is rather accustomed to boiled yucca by now… my shower refused to drain and needed a good plunging. 
        Living in community with all the other volunteers is one of the coolest aspects of life here at NPH, so it was easy to pop door-to-door at our house until I found a plunger. Also, the atmosphere in our house is much like that of a suburban neighborhood in the 1950’s. So not an hour later, the girl from whom I borrowed the plunger was at my door asking to borrow a cup of sugar. 
        Sounds normal, but this is the point where our omnipotent, omnipresent, omni-everything God humbly lined His heart up with mine in such a fashion that let me glimpse at His daughter standing in my doorway the way He sees her daily. She simply asked for a cup of sugar the way any normal human person would. 
         “Since I lent you my plunger, you need to lend me a cup of sugar.” 
         Logical, equal, fair. 
         But her request didn’t seem fair...
 Click here to read the rest of her blog post--"a cup of sugar and a punch in the face"!

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