Thursday, December 12, 2013

I am your Compassionate Mother

" No estoy yo aquí, que soy to Madre?"

Am I not here, who is your Mother?

Our Lady of Guadalupe by Paul Sanchez
on hood of car, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
St. Joseph's Church, Norman, Oklahoma

“Do know this, do be assured of it in your heart, my littlest one, that I myself, I am the entirely and ever Virgin, Saint Mary, Mother of the True Divinity, God Himself. 

“I am your Compassionate Mother, yours, for you yourself, for everybody here in the land, for each and all together, for all others too, for all folk of every kind… here I shall listen to their groanings, to their saddenings; here shall I make well and heal up their each and every kind of disappointment, of exhausting pangs, of bitter pain.”

~words of Our Lady to Juan Diego, 
[the first direct translation (1968) of the famous “Nican Mopohua,” 
or “Here is Told”––the first published story 
of Guadalupe´s apparitions, 
dating back to the 16th century]

on an Oklahoma truck

preparing for the feast, Playa del Carmen, Mexico