Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a December love song

O Lord my God 
I seek you 
I want you 
I need you  

I want to only need you 
I want to only seek you 
I want to only want you  

I look at my life in awe, and yes, with thanksgiving 
yet can only focus on cracked, individual pieces 
like broken shells, scattered randomly in the sand  

like a masked sentinel,  
I hide my face, pretend, protect, 
move on 
when inside I am raw, weak,  
disappointed with myself and my weakness 

yet it is this powerlessness that you desire, 
it is my vulnerability that you long for, 
it is my limitations that you ask of me, 
my frailty that you wish for 

this is Love  

you meet me where I am, 
you faithfully, incessantly, long for me, as I am 
asking only that I give it all to you 
that I be totally, completely, me with you 
you, my God, long for ME!
©María Ruiz Scaperlanda, 2013 

the scallop shell, a reminder that the pilgrimage continues...