Friday, June 7, 2013

people of The Way: remembering my Camino

We encountered many special people as we walked the Camino de Santiago. In small towns along The Way, townspeople frequently gave us weather prospects for the day (and they were always right!). Often and everywhere, we were offered words of encouragement.

From my journal:
Old lady: “¡cuidado, el sol está caliente!” (be careful, the sun is hot today!) 
 Another: “hoy os va a calentar” (you’re going to heat up today) 
 As we left Leon today—car honked and waved at every pilgrim going uphill! 
 Many, many: ¡Buen Camino! (e.g. Young man at the café where we took morning coffee break yesterday) 
 Bikers waving past us – one yelled: “¡anda, anda valiente!" 
 Little kid as we left Pamplona: “¡mira, peregrino!” 
 Woman at Astorga: “¡anda, anda, vas llegando!” 
 Older lady as we left Hospital de Órbigo, stopped us to give us directions for a shorter route
There was one special man, an hospitalero, whose name I will never forget. But he deserves his own blog post. Read about Isodoro--tomorrow!

It was also very clear that the communion of saints—both living and in heaven—walked with us. Pat and I commented repeatedly how aware we were of the people who were back “home” praying for us—and I was reminded daily of saints that are special to me and to my family.

Whether actual images or through the names of things all around us, St. Michael, St. Christopher, St Ann, St Veronica, St Ignatius, and of course, Mother Mary—all reminded us of their presence daily.

“God is not far from any of us” ~Acts 17:27

“Jesus came and stood in their midst and said to them,
 ‘Peace be with you’” ~John 20:19

Video: Santa María del Camino

Ven con nosotros a caminar
¡Santa Maria ven!