Tuesday, May 21, 2013

our farm home away from home

I've never stayed overnight in a building with a thatch roof!

the road to our farm home

There’s something truly different about staying in lodging with its own individual name, even when I don’t know what the name means!  It makes me feel like I’m visiting a distant relative.

Our farm home away from home, La Pelviniere, is located just outside the village of Champ du Boult—which is near the village of Vire, in the Calvados Region in Normandy. It is early spring here, and everything is green, budding, and right now, very wet.

According to the information on the building, La Pelviniere underwent a complete renovation over 18 months—with final additions done just last year—which transformed the insides of this 300 year old thatched-roof building into a distinctive historic lodging, with completely modern facilities on the inside.

way to our bedroom

michael reading his novel in the sitting area

The bottom line is, we’re not roughing it—and I must admit that I have been very grateful for the central heating the past few days, which have been muggy, rainy, and cold.

 I love the little touches around the house that remind me that this is not your usual house...

the "handle" to my bedroom

The "nightstand" next to my bed, a nitch in the wall

enter -- but mind your head!

a nitch in the kitchen with a stereo & CDs

I do hope before we leave at the end of the week to be able to take a walk in the backyard among the apple trees, which are just-beginning to bloom, and to say hello to the sheep, horses, and chickens that live in the farm next door.

looking out my bedroom window

This whole area is awash with World War II landmarks, history and stories, something we’ll be exploring later in the week, perhaps tomorrow?

Needless to say, no Wi-Fi in our thatched-roof dwelling! But I will post when I can, and concentrate on one aspect or place as we continue on our pilgrimage through the French countryside.

Yesterday we visited Mont-St-Michel, an iconic, imposing landmark about an hour from here. I will post on it soon. Like Chartres, that one place alone commands its own write up!

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NOTE: We heard the news today about the terrifying storms that Norman and Oklahoma City have had the last couple of days -- and the death toll from the tornadoes that went through Moore.  I want to assure you all that you are in our prayers, and we will commend you to Our Lady's care and intercession at every church we go.

my candle of prayer intentions today

Do count on my prayers for you—and thank you for praying us through this pilgrimage journey.