Monday, May 6, 2013

guess what, it's still Easter!

"I am beginning to realize that this Peace which Jesus would leave us begins to blossom when we respond rather than react, when we are willing to listen rather than talk, when we choose to whisper rather than shout, when we are willing to wait and to hope, to forgive and forget, to laugh at ourselves and dry the tears of another, and most of all to wait and to watch, to welcome without fear, and to wonder in awe at the diversity and beauty of God’s creation."
~Fr. Thomas Boyer, pastor
St. Mark the Evangelist Church 
Sixth Sunday of Easter homily
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The Second Grade children from our parish who received First Communion yesterday came to the altar at the end of today's liturgy--dressed in their First Communion whites--and processed together to crown the image of Mary in the sanctuary. 

I put my arm around the mom sitting next to me when I noticed that she was wiping tears off her cheeks... which promptly brought tears to my eyes.

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Mientras recorres la vida, 
tú nunca sola estás, 
contigo por el camino, 
Santa María vá.

Ven con nosotros al caminar, 
Santa María ven

Santa María del Camino