Friday, March 1, 2013

in sede vacante

The Chair of Peter, 
the Holy See of Rome, 
is vacant 
upon the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

"the ombrellino (the "little umbrella"), which will again replace the papal tiara over the crossed keys of the Vatican's "logo" during the interregnum between B16's resignation and the emergence of his successor to symbolize the lack of a Pope."

+     +     +     +
Pope Benedict to the college of Cardinals:  
"Among Us Is the New Pope... To Whom I Pledge My Obedience"
+     +     +     +

Let us commit to dedicated prayer: 
+  for the Cardinals preparing to begin their deliberation for a new Pope,
+  for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI,
+ for the Catholic Church universal,
+ May we be renewed through fasting, prayer and almsgiving during this joyful season of Lent.