Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Putting a new string on my guitar is a matter of proper balance. String it too tight and it won’t play. String it too loose and it hangs with a thud. Finding the proper tension that produces the beautiful sound requires patience, firmness––and a steady hand.

Finding balance in the many areas of my life is like that string. Go too much outside of myself and I forget the fundamentals of daily silence. Retreat too much into myself, and I lose sight of service for the Body of Christ in the people around me.

More often than not, proper balance becomes a discipline of the will, a daily act of patient endurance—several times a day! Yet it all becomes doable when I am like the tree mentioned in the first psalm––with its roots planted in daily prayer, deep into the stream of He who is my Living water.   

Rio Frio
Leakey, Texas