Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Ponderings, week one: longing

“At its root, all longing is for the fruits of the spirit; all life, all eros, and all energy, blind or conscious, yearns for charity, joy, peace, patience, goodness, fidelity, mildness, and the union that chastity can bring. Whether it’s a bamboo plant pushing through a drive, or a baby blindly taking food, or an adult man or woman kneeling in supplication, the yearning is for this... This restlessness, which is the heartbeat of a human soul, is the fire of God within us and is God’s assurance, written into nature, that we will not settle for anything less than everything.”
From: ”Against an Infinite Horizon: The Finger of God in Our Everyday Lives
Ronald Rolheiser (Crossroad, 2001)

Suggested prayer: O Lord of our longing, send us your Spirit to teach us how to pray. Grant us the grace of desire for a radical openness to you in our hearts and in our lives this week.   

Suggested action: Plant flower seeds in an indoor planter and watch them grow through the winter. Bring flowers to someone you know who is homebound.